Like my previous photo study of the Panhandle, this time I focused on Central Florida, or what I call “UnFlorida.” Avoiding coasts, beaches, theme parks, big cities, tourist attractions, college towns, resorts, kitsch and tourists. From the Georgia border to the Everglades. 

I have a long history in the “popular” Florida. Annual family winter vacations in Miami starting in 1956 (when I had an emergency appendectomy in a hospital the size of a Pep Boys garage). University of Miami. Shooting Body Heat (1979) from Miami to Palm Beach. Shooting a disastrous Peter Bogdanovich/Dino Di Laurentiis/Rob Lowe collaboration (Illegally Yours, 1988) in St. Augustine/Jacksonville. A Disney TV series in Miami & the Keys (1991). A Cuban girlfriend for 6 years. Shooting Waterboy in Orlando (1998). Scouting locations for other projects in Tampa/St. Pete, Gainesville, Daytona and Tallahassee. A photo safari to the Panhandle (2016). And I have to say I was never really a fan.

I discovered a different Florida on this project, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Florida is like a great book with a flashy cover that very few people bother to read.