DTLA Districts

DTLA Districts-077This sign pretty much sums up how fast downtown LA has changed. To many people, it has been a terra incognita of gangs, featureless warehouses, courthouses, half-filled office buildings, discount stores and homelessness. And that’s how the people who live here think. But now, with subways, gentrification, restoration, hip restaurants and bars, living lofts, museums, galleries, hotels and sports teams, the area is becoming some sort of destination. As part of the plan, the city has created “neighborhoods” that roughly reflect their historical use (i.e. Financial District, Fashion District, Civic Center, Bunker Hill, Jewelry District, Arts District). These districts are being promoted like they were Paris arrondissements for the purpose of business development. Whether you think this turn of events is good or bad, it does seem timely to take a visual look at downtown in this time of transition. I have separated the Historic Core district into a separate gallery. Click here for a link to a downtown LA map.